stupidity. nobody hurt, car drives again, and I put $1300 back in to the local economy. :)

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looking south; the wire, wall and curb the bottle I thought was glass that was in the road (sun was pretty low, too) imagine my car stuck up on the wire, with the right side leaning up against the wall most of this was from a previous concrete patch, but this did support 3/4 of the weight of the car damage to the wall was minimal damage to the right rear intersection of roof, door, and panel.  Bike rack was not destroyed, but has it's share of damage.  Seals on door might prove leaky, but am not sure yet.  Right rear wheel hasn't popped yet, but has two large bulges, and there are right front wheel.  Note the lateral position in relation to the wheel well. wheel and tire destroyed left front; headlight and turn signal gone, panel is probably going to be ugly.  Tire appears to be okay.