evening pictures from the East Coast HLG contest (DESS), Wilson, NC

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my XP3, 7AH gel cell, Schuelze isl-6-330 charger, multimeter, and Buddy's kindly loaned Airtronics Vision Adam and Breck are putting together one of Breck's new planes Breck fishing for parts to assemble Adam's new DLG Breck about to check balance Oleg launching while Denny times Don Vedder does a powerful launch Adam (RED) launching Breck's Multiplex 4000 Adam with his plane Breck's four servo wing Breck's model with full crow applied Breck's model with a clean wing Breck's model flying with crow Breck's 6-servo DLG Adam timing Breck and his model Sang? launching his molded model Phil launching Rick Walba launching looking for a quick relaunch even though he missed the tip catch I still calculate the total turn-around overhead as about 5 seconds (from image timestamps) Phil going for the spot landing task :) Phil launching coming home over the cars Denny's model after a powerful midair (full power launch from Oleg and another plane wandered into the kill zone) the loser of the midair loser and winner; fuse was mostly undamaged on the loser and wing had only minor damage on the winner Breck and Adam nice catch again, not sure whether the apparent tail flex is a function of moving shutter curtain (1/250 second) or actual flex.  Given the model, boom type, and shutter speed I suspect it's just an artifact of the photography note the antenna pointed conveniently away from harms way nice tail, but the heatshrink caught fire :) Sang launching Oleg launching Dick launching Rick launching Breck, Adam, and Adam Sang about to launch this model definitely starts out with more yaw, but does float well and definitely sounds the nicest of all on launch Adam with the other Adam's new plane after some trimming flights Dick launching Peter and his Polecat Aero XP3 parasitic drag launching for handlaunch F3B Rick flying the handlaunch F3B course Phil milking it for the finish handlaunch F3B turn at base A base A "roll! turn!" handlaunch F3B base A Phil gets a nice launch official timing the Radical RC Edge 540 goes vertical my XP3 fuse looking out over the cotton field