morning pictures from the East Coast HLG contest (DESS), Wilson, NC

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Peter's XP3 before one of its first flights at Georgia Tech Yes, the nose is ugly, but at least it's strong. more view of the ugly taping job (which went away when I cut it open again to change the crystal in the receiver) Peter's XP3 and Buddy's Taboo XL Breck programming the Multiplex Profi4000 up for his wing a few random launches Adam looks on Phil checks a model Buddy's TabooXL (back) and my XP3 the glove is used mostly for intimidation of other pilots Breck launching his wing an example of the detail paid to tail airfoils and construction.  I think this is one of Phil Barnes' models. Denny flying Denny flying a launch (model is probably a TabooXL).  Not sure whether the apparent rudder deflection is a function of the relative motion / shutter speed or actual control surface deflection. Oleg timing Breck launching model with flaperons deployed for landing control XP3 coming in for a landing or catch.  Note the flaperon deflection, ballast taped on the inside of the fuse/wing joint, and elevator deflection. Oleg launching Buddy and Al spectating Oleg launching look how close the tip comes... Maybe if he wasn't so short. and of course it's impossible to keep the plane in the frame after the release a nice clean model Oleg timing for Denny This car is on the list of vehicles I'm considering... I guess if it'll fit all those it might just do. Buddy the fabulous lunch another shot of tail groups Oleg entering scores into the computer (powered by a deep cycle and 400 watt inverter) the fabulous lunch and Mrs. Proseus