random, some VentureLab, and the roof of Centergy One

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Howell Mill water works -- looking toward town Howell Mill water works -- looking toward town electrical wires the new bookstore Biltmore looking NE new bookstore looking south looking SW looking north; the TBS tower is obvious, as is the Cheetah the Cheetah nice pool! straight down NW nice deck me I don't know how they have all this done, but the HVAC system on the top looks top notch TSRB stadium TSRB courtyard new bookstore cool architecture nice patio nice pool looking south looking W toward campus environmental engineering, IBB, etc buildings baseball field, CoC, etc 5th street bridge workers in the cool building me again down, again antenna for the Biltmore Communications broadband (actually, don't remember the name of the company, but it's one of those high-speed fixed access broadband providers.) my liftworx Seeker ugly temporary nose layout while getting the CG happy the tail is a work of art, even if I didn't build it so.  The vertical stab has a piece of 1/64 light ply in the lower leading edge to protect against ground strikes and the all-flying elevator linkage is simply amazing. a look at the elevator linkage my ugly bottom