driving from El Paso to Phoenix

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thermal activity thermal activity there are a few things that aren't natural in this picture, but the large antenna tower probably isn't visible oops! Talking to the parents in a park in Tucson let me oooooooouuuuuuuuuuut! the flowers are strangely symbolic neat window control mechanism Biosphere 2 facility andrew heliax everywhere! the striped bars represent emergency glass-only panes that the original "Biospherians" could break out of in an emergency reminds me of the control center in Jurassic Park a big door the sea was really cool Instant Ocean! our situation wasn't unique (but we only really dumped coolant once; the other times were just when it got a little hot) viewing the dam taken in a picture swap by the nice family kind of a random thing to find on the edge of a lake kind of a random thing to find on the edge of a lake the guyed saguaro amused me greatly Arizona post-sunset clouds looking out over what we just drove up waiting for it to cool off in a shady but easy to see position on the Fish Canyon stretch neat barriers top view of the cool barriers can you name all of the calibers used in this sign? computing in K's living room cool house neat roof consutrction parked