a few shots from Sunday at Music Midtown

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photo to ensure synchronization of GPS and camera times it was hot, but not unbearable, outside this guy was an awesome dancer this guy was an awesome dancer more break dancing break dancing right before the dancer smacked the camera hard (on accident) the sea of people in front of the 99x stage unconscious woman who was quite quickly transported to medics by the event staff sea of folks yet another banner plane another GPS/camera sync shot ahh, maturity ahh, maturity ahh, maturity ahh, maturity (yes, it was a fight) ahh, maturity he was cheating :) the media herder (but quite cool) about to get jacked getting jacked this guy rocked -- he was doing a great job as a bouncer/pit crew guy and also managed to keep the tit cam going when necessary self portrait self portrait signing the tits signing the tits the signee Tech! Tech! don't know what to say getting groped chicks that dig chicks (that the real chicks who dig chicks were laughing at) t-shirt guy where am I? really cool Def Leppard fan really cool Def Leppard fan latter parts of the Def Leppard show