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looking toward Howell Mill to the south at the park near my house looking south over the Atlanta water works reservoir between Howell Mill Rd and Northside Dr. looking toward Howell Mill Rd. picnic facilities on the site hole from massive suckage in house drain failure in the rent house Charles mmm... Kimberly modeling her mashed potatoes scrumptious almost angelic... is that a word? "I want my cheesy poofs!" Charles Jess I've managed to keep a -4.02 balance on my buzz card for several years now, and I intend to graduate twice as such. library classroom. Now, is it 1955 or 2003? sunbeam that wasn't on my side of the room this day ugly under-sink repairs. The foam is a little gratuitous, but it keeps the cold air out. ugly under sink repairs again L-R: LMH Corona, NCFM Moth, Janco Avenger 2 DLG fuse, Firebird XL mod, speed-480 LMR glider fuse, Skybench Big Bird, dust stick and Switchback wings