random pictures from home

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Mega 16/15/3 and Castle Creations Phoenix 35 ESC a few batteries on the floor corona disassembled bottom of my Avenger 2 wing as I'm installing a servo on the right panel mega dihedral (18 degrees or so; I made an oops sanding and it should have been more like 15 degrees) dihedral what happens when you leave CA and accelerator in an enclosed space with a book underneath them wing through the window wing through the window sunset Dad and Rex Dad and Rex note the dent in the upper right cell and broken tab on the lower front cells... result of a terminal velocity dive from about 350' on the e-boomerang and resulting flutter which ejected the battery pack. Plane flopped down completely unharmed.\n\nI won't Bubba Corona on the desk Corona with Mega 16/15/3 swash linkage front view my nasty electronics wiring job more electronics powertrain