hiking at Black Rock Mountain state park

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Laura lacing boots down the trail Laura navigating (as if the signs weren't very clear :) Keri and her leaf Laura, with a little too much highlight on the hair Laura Keri and Kim Kim and Keri oops on the fingers and an apple neat trees Keri and Kim view from the lookout point Kim Kim Keri, Laura, Kim, and Meghan note to self: the camera did receive the remote signal that time Keri, Laura, Kimberly, Meghan, Peter random other group of folks nice thermal source? Kim and Laura Kim neat tree caught cool leaf patterns Kim down the trail neat trees neat trees Keri and Meghan Keri and Meghan Kim view view Laura and Kim Laura and Kim Kim chicken coops Keri Kim neat tree neat tree Meghan and Laura Kim, Laura, and Meghan waterfall, mostly handheld Kim and Keri Kim