So these are pretty bad pictures, but they give an idea of what the glider looks like. It flys amazingly well, especially for the first non-elevon plane I've flown in a long time. Still have to get the flaperons figured out, but I managed about 80% hand catches over 30 flights in a 16 knot breeze. Haven't tried discus launches yet, but will soon.

The hinges on the R/E control surfaces need some work, and the tape to fix the kevlar cord is only a temporary measure. I think I could build another one of these in two long evenings, but this one took me the better part of a weekend. (A good bit of that time was spent in contemplation, though :)

img 5218 img 5218

img 5219 img 5219

img 5220 img 5220

img 5221 img 5221

img 5222 img 5222

img 5223 img 5223