The color balance on all of these is all messed up -- I shot daylight film under mostly fluorescent but also some incandescent lighting and I don't feel like fixing it in Photoshop.

Stevie with fuel Stevie with fuel

decisions decisions

Danny Danny

Bruce nefarious plans Bruce nefarious plans

Bruce hax0ring mp3s Bruce hax0ring mp3s

Bruce typing Bruce typing

feeding frenzy feeding frenzy

Bruce Stephanie Ryan Bruce Stephanie Ryan

Bruce handwriting Bruce handwriting

Stephanie Danny Stephanie Danny

finals bear finals bear

finals bear finals bear

finals bear finals bear

too much contrast too much contrast

Stephanie Kimberly spin Stephanie Kimberly spin

Kim Kelsie Kim Kelsie

friend Katie Ashley friend Katie Ashley

Stephanie Stephanie

Ashley Ashley

Tom dips Katie Tom dips Katie

Christina Katie Christina Katie