Wash me!

My car, after sitting in Peter's parking deck on campus during all of summer 2000. I think Alex is responsible for the artwork, but I don't really care. (Update: Alex claims that he isn't responsible for the artwork, although he wishes he was. He is also annoyed that my car sat in the deck all summer without incident while his goes unattended for two days and gets trashed by a total idiot.)

200_08_10_Lumina_wash_me_please-115 200_08_10_Lumina_wash_me_please-115

200_08_10_Lumina_wash_me_please-116 200_08_10_Lumina_wash_me_please-116

200_08_10_Lumina_wash_me_please-117 200_08_10_Lumina_wash_me_please-117