1999_old_Murray_mountain_bike_before_death 1999_old_Murray_mountain_bike_before_death


JR_and_Wendy JR_and_Wendy

Peter_Mary_band Peter_Mary_band

Vicky_Jessica_Megan Vicky_Jessica_Megan

Dave and Alex in their halloween costumes Dave and Alex in their halloween costumes

subjectsDave and Alex
capture locationkitchen of Dave's old house

heather_asleep heather_asleep

james_jenny james_jenny

james_jenny2 james_jenny2

jen1 jen1

jen2 jen2

jen_and_jill jen_and_jill

shannon1 shannon1

shannon2 shannon2

shannon3 shannon3

spice1 spice1

subjectsMary Knight, Jordan Dudney, Jill Reagan

spice2 spice2

subjectsAllison Lehnherr, Jill Reagan, Shannon Murphy, Jordan Dudney, Mary Knight

spice3 spice3

subjectsJordan Dudney, Mary Knight, Shannon Murphy

spice4-Mary_baby spice4-Mary_baby

subjectsMary Knight

steve_and_gayle steve_and_gayle

sunset_over_Van_Leer sunset_over_Van_Leer