I know I didn't take all of these, but I don't remember which ones. Most are mine, though.

Micah And Gayle Micah And Gayle

descriptionMicah and Gayle

alex alex

descriptionAlex looking goofy and figuring out the tie before dinner

alison shannon mary leah alison shannon mary leah

descriptionAlison, Shannon, Mary, and Leah at Winter Buzz

amy and friend amy and friend

descriptionAmy and her friend outside

amy and jess amy and jess

descriptionAmy and Jessica, at Brittain Dining Hall

ben and stephanie1 ben and stephanie1

descriptionBen and Stephanie swinging at Delta Chi

ben and stephanie2 ben and stephanie2

descriptionMore of Ben and Stephanie swinging at Delta Chi

brinda brinda


brinda and friend brinda and friend

descriptionBrinda a friend of Brinda

brothel brothel

descriptionGayle, Jill, Jessica, and Kelly on the fabeled couch (bad scan)

christian scary christian scary

descriptionChristian looking scary

dave shannon cliff dave shannon cliff

descriptionDave, Shannon, and Cliff at dinner

erin overexposed erin overexposed

descriptionErin at drumline practice

gayle beautiful gayle beautiful

descriptionA beautiful picture of Gayle

gayle early gayle early

descriptionGayle with no sleep, after the 3 minute 3am roomate makeover

gayle early2 gayle early2

descriptionGayle, modeling the new sock hat styles

james jenny james jenny

descriptionJames and Jenny at Winter Buzz

james jenny2 james jenny2

descriptionMore of James and Jenny at Winter Buzz

jerry jerry

descriptionJerry, working

jess and gayle jess and gayle

descriptionJessica telling Gayle a secret. Really.

jess and multigrain cheerios jess and multigrain cheerios

descriptionJessica and Multigrain Cheerios -- you can't seperate them

jess shy jess shy

descriptionJessica shying from the camera and retreating to Multigrain Cheerios

jill sexy jill sexy

descriptionJill, being Jill (Disclaimer: This isn't normal)

kevin andy peter kevin andy peter

descriptionKevin, Andy, and Peter in the hall

peter and gayle peter and gayle

descriptionPeter and Gayle before dinner

scott mary dave shannon scott mary dave shannon

descriptionScott, Mary, Dave, and Shannon at dinner

shannon and mary shannon and mary

descriptionShannon and Mary

stephanie stephanie

descriptionStephanie at work

stephanie2 stephanie2

descriptionStephanie at play