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My experience in Boy Scouts was a great one, and one of the things our group did was a lot backpacking. This included all of the obvious spots in central Texas, as well as high adventure trips to Colorado, the Boundary Waters area in Minnesota/Canada, sailing in the Florida Keys, and of course Philmont in New Mexico. I've since stayed relatively active as a backpacker and hiker.

Recently, I have become interested in lightening my load. I've always been large enough to carry a decent amount of backpacking gear, but there's no reason to carry a 45lb pack when 25lbs will do. At some point I will post the spreadsheet showing a breakdown of the mass I typically carry on trips.

Sites of interest:


The first time I seriously tossed a disc was my freshman year in college. Since then, it's been a persistant side hobby of mine. There's just something fun about frisbees. I'm most at home just tossing a disc around in a courtyard, but it's not difficult at all to talk me into a game of Ultimate or disc golf.


Walking is fine, but often too slow for me. Running hurts and it's hard to carrying anything useful with you. Bicycling is just right. I'm certainly not ready to give up my trusty automobile, but I commute by bicycle whenever practical.

For road rides where I don't need to carry much with me I ride a stock trek 5200. For commuting and mountain biking, I ride a Gary Fisher Tassajara with almost every component except the heavy old frame changed out. For quick trips I converted an old Signet Centurion 10-speed in to a fixed gear with a 40x16 on a 700C wheel I built by hand.

Sites of interest:

Favorite places to bike around Atlanta:

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